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It makes all the difference I have been to several massage therapists over the years since my car accident and the ladies here are truly amazing. I very much appreciate Bethany for her keen ability to laser in on the problem areas and skillfully use her many techniques and oils to make a tremendous difference.
Tori B
Complete Care Review of Katie Young I appreciate Katie's willingness to listen to what my needs are and then she is able to relieve even the sorest and tightest of muscles. I am able to function better in my job and in life because of Katie and her talent as a massage therapist. My migraines are also decreased because of her help with neck work. Thanks Katie!
Best Massage in Town I have been a massage client for many years and this is by far the best place that I have ever been.
Amazing! Review of Megan Monte Megan is an amazing LMT. She listens to your needs and addresses your problem areas with expertise. I recommend Megan to everyone that is in need of a therapeutic massage.
Sam M
Cara is Ahhhh-mazing! Review of Cara Wirt I've had back issues most of my 57 yrs. After experiencing what Cara has done to my body I kick myself for not doing this years ago! I am so impressed with how I feel and how well my body is doing it actually bugs me when people don't rush right in for an appointment after my recommendation! They have not idea what they're missing!
Sam M
Listen to your body! Review of Cara Wirt If your body is saying "UGH,I need something"! Then take it to see Cara, and when she's finished with you every part of your being will smile and you'll find yourself making more appointments! Cara is so good at hearing what your body is saying and giving it just what it needs that it affects your spirit, your emotions, and everything in between! I wished I would've started with her years ago!
BEYOND WORDS How come someone so beautiful can be so talented, thoughtful, and caring??? Thank you, Katie for helping me get past this past year - onward and upward are my words to live by ... Maxine